When a leader in renewable energy decides to build a new manufacturing facility they aren’t required to build the factory with a green foundation. I mean they are already creating a way for the masses to save energy. However, for HelioVolt, and a ton of other renewable energy businesses I’m sure, LEED Certification just gives them the opportunity to be green throughout.


                              “The new HelioVolt manufacturing operation will produce highly efficient thin film solar energy products aimed at revolutionizing the solar energy industry.” According to the press release by TAG International LLP, the architecture and land development services firm brought on to build the new state-of-the-art facility.    

                              “HelioVolt is committed to applying concepts of sustainability across all functions of our business, from our green facility to our solar products.” Said Helio VP of manufacturing operations,  Dave Bowen     

                               And apparently beyond, since they’ll also be encouraging employees at the plant, which is based in Austin, Texas, to use green commuting methods. They’ve even gone so far as to include a changing room for bicyclists.     

                              As it turns out the City of Austin actually does require LEED Certification for municipal buildings, and with privately owned buildings rapidly following suit, why wouldn’t HelioVolt want to build their solar panel factory right in the middle that type of area? File this under: government takes the first step, free market follows, and green economy emerges.