Everyday, I log into Green Collar Manufacturing, hoping to acquire a new reader, or get some feedback, or make a connection; all in an effort toward making the green economy a reality. It will take a while, as Sal Dimasi so honestly pointed out, for it to fully come to fruition, but every day I use my space in the blogosphere to create more content on the subject. There can never be enough as far as I am concerned.

The one post per day that I write seems a bit low considering the amount of info and news on the web regarding alternative energy jobs, renewable, solar, wind, weatherization, community farms, smart grids, smart cars, hybrids, ethanol. Yet all I do is post once per day. What else can I do without actually putting my hands into the creation of these products and services? I definitely can’t do everything, so I have to pick my focus. 

The one thing I can do is come to my office every weekday morning at 9 and stay until around six, contributing to the progression of the green movement. The movement itself is on a roll and it’s not because of my blog that I started a month ago; this is, obviously, far bigger than me. But I can continue playing the role of internet advocate.

On Monday I will be a part of the launching of the Green Collar Media flagship website, Green Collar Economy. It’s another way to more swiftly advance the movement, as the site will be a clearinghouse for ideas and a location to find partners, products, or services. This is made possible with a 2700 company business to business directory divided into seven channels: Business Services, Transportation, Capital, Energy, Environment, Facilities & Construction, and Office.

Green Collar Economy provides a vital new community for business professionals where ideas can be shared, news stories discovered, deals discussed and jobs found. By bringing more people together our economy benefits and businesses can exceed expectations. They can top the projected job estimates, they can reduce emission rates ahead of deadlines, and we can resuscitate the economy, not follow it into recession. Green collar economy can reward companies for sharing stories of success. It can also alter the thinking of business leaders who aren’t looking toward the distant future of climate change because their job relies on profit first.

The goal of Green Collar Economy.com is to establish a database of content (authored and user generated) that proves the worth of profitable sustainability; proof that responsible energy use and less wasteful practices can add to your margin while reducing the destructive impact humans have on earth.

The site will not ask you to hug a tree, or go vegan, or change your lifestyle. Its objective is to help us all benefit from doing the things we have to do anyways: reduce our dependence on foreign oil, create jobs, please stakeholders, remove pollutants from the air and water, support our families, and restore pride in being an American. You are welcome to join Green Collar Economy.com today, though we are still preparing to officially launch on Monday March 24, 2008.