On March 13, I wrote about green procurement and commented on Paradigm Group and Harry Brix. Well apparently Mr. Brix has been getting more green manufacturing media play and was cited in a Manufacturing Business Technology article three days ago. He’s quoted as saying that green manufacturing might just be a fad like the 70s and then 90s. However, Nabil Nasr, Ph.D.,The director of the Center for Manufacturing Studies at Rochester Institute of Technology disagrees.

Nasr cites the numbers from a survey which found:

“only 9 percent of respondents prioritized reduction of their carbon footprint in 2007. When asked why, 72 percent of the respondents said they had other priorities to address first, 15 percent said the process is too costly, and 8 percent said they didn’t know how to do it.”

 So that’s what I am going to set out to do. It’s actually what I’ve been doing for the past couple months. Prove that the cost of the process is becoming increasingly easier to implement and can reap even bigger profits; Teach how to find the resources and learn how to make the right moves; And while other priorities may take precedent, the green wave could carry you for years while you address those higher priorities. 

“Green manufacturing cuts across every aspect of manufacturing, including information decisions, process technologies, energy consumption, material selection, and material flow. A lot of the decisions manufacturers make are related to cost, function, and quality. Now they are adding another dimension, which is sustainability.”

 This is just a great quote and sums up green manufacturing very well. Sustainability is where we are headed and its within our reach. Let’s keep driving towards profitable sustinability.