Enertech could give you 47 million reasons why waste to green renewable energy might be a good industry to be in. They take waste water sludge and convert it into energy, using a patented system called SlurryCarb.

          This is almost along the lines of Waste Management’s Landfill to Energy Projects or the few new livestock manure to energy projects. Then there’s the compost to energy project in Greentown.


          Even though society is moving toward sustainable practices and will greatly cut overall water usage, our population continues to grow rapidly. We will still create some waste, enough to allow Enertech, and other sludge to energy converters, to continue doing business.

          By converting waste to energy, renewable energy takes on a new meaning. We are able to conduct business (please shareholders) and grow our economy (build stronger communities). As opposed to cutting down on all our workloads (losing jobs) and turning into minimalists (lack enjoying luxury).

          At some point everyone will agree that we are literally throwing money away when we burn or dump landfills and it has been made possible by innovations in technology. Now these entrepreneurs, who predict high energy production, while cutting greenhouse gas emissions, have the responsibility to prove that it can be done.


          If they do, they have won competitive advantage. Enertech already has a competitive advantage because of the SlurryCarb patent.