The concept of Green Collar Manufacturing is in a state of transition right now. It’s not quite fully accepted in some areas but there is tremendous room for growth. In some cases there are shortages in engineering jobs and at the same time the job market is hurting. We see so much good in green practices and most people would agree that we can make changes in the way we do business.


The changes are difficult, new, and sometimes confusing. And they also usually cost more. Realizing a return on investment is becoming easier and quicker as conventional energy prices go up. Renewables allow us to reduce our impact on the earth and create our own infinite energy supply. There is money to be made here and that’s what we are promoting every day here at Green Collar Media.


Most people won’t make a lifestyle change unless it is painless and affordable. With so many options and things do get done in normal business activity, it’s no wonder converting to green solutions is pushed aside for later. There are more important things to tend to sometimes.


It’s this page along with that can publicize our message:


Taking advantage of our previous oversights can strengthen our economy. This can be done by taking green business practices into consideration, finding knowledgeable staff, implementing a plan of attack, and changing the way we use energy and resources.


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