It isn’t usually a good idea to share breakthroughs with the competition but it seems like Henkel, the parent company of Dove Soaps is willing to lean to the side and let other companies look over their shoulder.


                     By working with the Global Institute of Sustainability (GIS) at Arizona State University, they hope to come up with best practices for greening manufacturing (including coming up with more accurate terms besides the all encompassing adjective “green”). “We are looking to further strengthen our own environmental commitment as well as share our learned knowledge to develop new standards for our industry,” said Brad Casper, President and CEO of the Dial Corp.                

                      OK so maybe you can’t exactly work with the GIS and not share what is discovered but it really is worth it for everyone to know this information.  Henkel will surely benefit from being the company to initiate the project anyways and building a community of thoughts will get the movement going even faster. Plus, I really need them to get going on that coming up with more accurate terms than green thing. Here’s a couple I came up with