Massachusetts Speaker of the House, Salvatore F. DiMasi  made an important speech today, announcing the Green Jobs act as a ‘bold plan’ which will invest over $50 million.

He even cited Iowa, Minnesota, and California as states that have embraced similar plans and Massachuessts risks losing workers and industry.

Venture capital will flow, universities will innovate, jobs will abound, and utility costs will be reduced.

His speech included these words: 


“This important initiative, The Edward J. Collins, Jr. Center for Public Management at the McCormack Institute at  UMass- Boston will help our  communities and our state develop best practices, aid them in finding critical efficiencies and doing all they can to keep the taxpayers costs down.”


“There is a tremendous opportunity here on clean energy, just as there is in life sciences.”


“And throughout the state, we have workers ready to capitalize – to manufacture green products, to test green facilities, to continue green research.” 

“It is yet another bold plan that will grow the right kind of jobs in Massachusetts — clean energy jobs, green jobs and good-paying jobs in the economy of the future.” 


Thanks, Sal, for bringing this up now.

While the state continues debating bringing in casinos to boost our economy, green business will be reviving the economy.