Hundreds of millions of dollars have been raised in campaign funds this election cycle just as there is every four years. Also, hundreds of millions of dollars have been promised to promote green industry by the very candidates who are raising the money.

Obama and Hillary have interesting plans and I choose to take them lightly because pre-inauguration ideas might be different once someone is in office. To his credit John McCain hasn’t made big promises to the extent that the Democrats have but then again he doesn’t have as much of a responsibility to the working middle class who like hearing about expansive job creation, such as in the green manufacturing area.

But, I read a quote today that tells a lot about the American people. It really brings home the point that there’s no time like the present and people can make change in their communities and have it resonate throughout the country:

Lane County businesses — spurred by state and local incentives — have got the ball rolling…’Politicians are lagging a little behind, if anything,” Brex said. “We’re not waiting for politicians to get their act together. We’re making it happen now.’