What is Green Collar Manufacturing?                                                           window-factory.jpg

Look, I’m not an engineer or a scientist, or a factory floor manager. Chances are I won’t come up with the most revolutionary plan for saving energy or reducing pollution on a large scale business model, but I am passionate about saving the environment and making money. It just so happens that the two have become one in the same. We can’t make money if we don’t have an environment to live in, so there you have it.

So I spend more of my day than I’d care to admit reading articles (online and print) about green business. I have decided to write this blog which will summarize what’s happening in this fast moving sector, specifically environmentally conscious manufacturing.

I will send you commentary on, among other things, breakthroughs in technology, advances in line of attack, and information on government involvement or lack thereof. I also will deliver reviews of companies, what’s working for them and the expected return on investment when we are mindful of both our earth and our stockholders.

Thanks for reading Green Collar Manufacturing Commentary,