You could take this as a response to my last post about whether or not green economy is truly beneficial to our economy; but honestly all I did was a Google news search for green manufacturing and standing at the top of the search results, was an Reuters article entitled ‘CEOs see green energy policies preserving US Jobs’. The opening line was


It’s not often you hear executives from the biggest U.S. industries and a Republican governor clamoring for stronger regulations on climate change. But that’s exactly what they want.

This makes me think I may not have do anymore convincing or mind changing.A Chief Executive at Dow Chemical Co had some compelling comments, which I must include here:  


The entire chemical industry and manufacturing sector has lost 3.1 million jobs due to a lack of a coherent energy policy…We have a manufacturing crisis in this country … The leadership of this country needs to step up’


He said this at a Wall Street Journal Conference where a President from BP Alternative Energy North America also made the comment:


 “We don’t know how to deploy capital when the rules change year on year.”


Republican Governor Shwarzenegger even said his state had to create their own regulations because ‘Washington is not’.


I could go on. There were a few other quotes from CEOs of major Corporations, who more than support green energy but I don’t want to inundate you with quotes. This blog is about green revitalizing American manufacturing, and it seems that corporations welcome the movement. I’m not a tie dye clad activist, trying to bring down corporations.  Corporations agree with these green concepts. They want tighter regulations. And apparently think that they are being held back by government policy, while the rest of the world moves forward.


Wow, I’m actually rooting for government to give in to corporate America. This is a new green economy.