Wind Tech

Get your turbine engines revving in Texas because thanks to T. Boone “T BONE” Pickens, the largest wind farm in America will be built in the Lone Star State’s Panhandle. The project run by his company, Mesa Power should create plenty of new jobs and also could create enough energy to power a million homes.

Who would have guessed that a Billionaire Texas Oil Tycoon would commit to generating power through a renewable source? I guess selling oil at high prices has made him enough money to fund such a project that will save him from going out of business.

The manufacturing process that will ensue because of this endeavor will be huge considering the size of industrial strength wind turbines, but the reward is power for as long as the wind blows and a break to


Maybe manufacturing press releases travel the web faster than manufacturing process updates and I would honestly like to cover a wide variety of manufacturing topics in this blog. However, another European company wants to build wind turbines in America’s heartland, this one, according to the Helena Independant Record, will be in Montana.


“We could see we have the right area, we have the right political support, the right financial support and we have the windy area where the wind farms and projects are close to the manufacturing line,”

That is a quote from the CEO of the German company, Fuhrlander AG, which for the past 20 years has manufactured wind turbines. They plan on spending 25 million dollars on constructing a new facility in Butte, Montana which will create at least 100 green collar jobs and if, in the future, they move on to blade production, feel free to add 600 to that figure.

Governor Schweitzer (any German connection?) should be applauded for showing that Butte had an infrastructure to handle this type of progression.  He explained that Fuhrlander was

“Very comfortable employing organized labor, and Butte, once called the “Gibraltar of unionism,” has a pool of available union workers.”

This is a good sign because it shows that at least this European company thinks it can benefit from American capitalism, politics, unions, free market, and, well, wind. Another important note is that the factory will be located close to Montana Tech and the College of Technology in Butte. This nearby training ground will prepare new workers in this growing field and hopefully the state of Montana will be able to retain the workers and continue growing their green collar economy.