So I read this today: 


“‘Green-collar jobs’ are probably overall a net loss to the economy. If the government is saying that people have to use wind power or have to use ethanol, that means that they’ll be using less electricity or less gasoline from conventional sources. So those new jobs in those new industries will be displacing old jobs in old industries.” 

                But I’ve also previously read this: 

“Green jobs are the jobs of the future, not just because they pay well and can’t be outsourced…and not just because they’ll help strengthen our economy and lift up our middle class. But because they’ll help reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and save this planet for our children.”  

                  So now I’m thinking, surely both make valid points, and obviously I agree with the second one. Green jobs can win because just talking about it is changing the way we consume oil and fossil fuels. Reducing the ways we waste in daily life just performing normal activities is affordable and positive. But seeing devastation occur and famine strike and scientists conclude that the environment is headed down a dangerous path won’t go unnoticed.  In the end, the foundations of our economy will decide. Will we fall and recover or will we exceed and prevail?