AlterNet commented today that

“even the most modest modeling indicates that the green economy holds much promise for urban and rural revitalization.”

These people deserve this. I am one of these people. A recent college graduate who wants to establish myself in American society, grow wealth in order to support a family and save enough for retirement.

Most American are among these people.

That’s why we see so much excitement in the ideas of Green for All and Apollo Alliance and Sustainable South Bronx. Urban Communities that see hope in the green possibilities in America.

That’s why rural communities who have relied on such things as coal plants and factories can rely on safe work environments again and, for some, for the very first time. These are the people that revitalizing America’s manufacturing base will really help.

It is starting to happen now. It needs to continue to happen infinitely, until the phrase ‘green economy’ is phased out by something better. ‘Great economy’ would be better, or ‘prosperous economy’ even.

 I have written this blog for business people to benefit. For people who are in charge of increasing efficiency and taking advantage of new technologies in order to raise their profit margins. I have written for the people who want to hear that green manufacturing CAN WIN in this age.

Maybe I should be writing for those who can find new financial freedom by getting a well paid job so that their home won’t be foreclosed or so they can buy diapers for their babies.

For the people who have lost their jobs and lost hope. Or for the people who felt from a young age that hope didn’t apply to them in the first place.

Maybe I should write for those people to realize that hope applies to everyone and that the opportunity is there for people like them.

If green revitalizes America’s manufacturing base, it can revitalize America’s working class base, give spending power back to the masses, and move our economy in the right direction.