Today, Sigma Industries Inc., A CANADIEN COMPANY, announced a new green design for bus frames that is 20% lighter than what is currently widely used, which will increase fuel efficiency. This development takes advantage of  the expectation that mass transit will see a marked increase in the near future as more people ditch their cars in favor of public transportation as well as rising gas prices.

Transit agencies will be able to see a higher ROI by using less fuel. They will also take advantage of Sigma’s flexible manufacturing process, which allows for specific body types determined by market requirements. Also, its bio-resin molding can be conformed to diesel powered trucks in addition to buses.

Denis Bertrand, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sigma Industries says

 “We are excited by the vast market potential for our innovative technological solution, as all market
participants will enjoy benefits. Our revolutionary body shell will enable transit agencies to maximize their return on investment while our flexible manufacturing process will greatly simplify final vehicle assembly by OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers).”

This could benefit American transit agencies but why isn’t an American manufacturer all over this win, win, win situation. (1. bio-resin molding for 2. mass transit that 3. allows for less fuel need)