I didn’t write a post on Memorial Day, but I have to voice support for anyone in the Armed Forces right now. And for their families living here, hoping that their sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives come home safe. Their work provides us the freedom to live the American dream. Thank you for working towards peace. Thank you, also, to anyone working for peace around the world, even if you’re not in the armed forces.

I sit here, in a climate controlled room, with a comfortable chair, and a flat screen monitor reading about and commenting on breakthroughs in green manufacturing. Hopefully, my work can support a movement that will revitalize America’s manufacturing base, create prosperity where it was lost and create a cleaner, safer, healthier planet. Maybe it can give you a job when you get back too.

Thank you for the FREEDOM you work (some would say fight) to provide for me. I have a renewed sense (maybe because Memorial Day just passed) that attempting to work just as hard at what I am doing, is the best way for me to say thank you.


Sean Keller

Green Collar Media