How can a blog affect a nations economy? The blogospherre is giving a voice to anyone who has internet connection and a bit of time. Where years ago, your voice was bound to your circle of influence, today the masses truly have a voice of their own.

By collaborating, we can create change. One post will not change the world but an excessive stream of commentary can show just how concerned people are. I’ve personally always had an opinion on something and this blog gives me an outlet. As others share the same desire to make their opinion known, our collaboration could create the ripple needed to evolve into a crushing wave.

Green Collar Manufacturing is about “How Green is Revitalizing America’s Manufacturing Base”. In my opinion, this is an inevitable component to the recovery of the American economy. My opinion has been shaped by conversations with people and reading several books and articles. The faster we get to it, the better.

However, there is the issue of war. America has assumed the role of world police and spends half the world’s military spending. We’re only one country. If we quickly shift our spending to developing more efficient manufacturing and green technology, we supposedly risk security. So it is possible that my progressive blog posts about sustainable business could actually pose a security threat because I promote rapid growth. Ok that’s a little extreme but let’s move on.

An article at Foreign Policy in Focus written by Jonathan Rynn, PhD, who also frequently writes for Grist, brought to light some disturbing figures. Disturbing to me, the guy who lives in America, is very Patriotic, wants his country to get back its economic mojo, reclaim the value of our dollar, be a safe home where people are free to believe in and do whatever they would like as long as it doesn’t impede others human rights, and respect our limited natural resources in the face of extreme population growth. (Exhale)

That being said, Rynn, makes among other things these observations, which I hold true because he says so and I trust his numbers. When you read them, you’ll believe that they are about accurate.

Spain is a global leader in railway and solar development.

Denmark leads in wind.

Germany leads in solar and renewable manufacturing, thanks to big incentives, which reduce every year, and which will eventually give way to free market competition.

Japan produces machinery for manufacturing at about the same level of USA with half the population. They also are railway leaders

Russia, China, Japan, Italy, and Spain are all years ahead of America in high speed train production.

If this was the Olympics, America would be low in the medal count.

European and Japanese companies are apparently the only viable options for building a rail network at several hubs in the US. They “dominate the most fundamental sector of the economy, namely the production of machinery for manufacturing industries in general (often referred to as the mechanical engineering sector).

So I have to force myself to believe that this great country of ours can reclaim the manufacturing base needed to establish economic security in the face of all this. That’s why I need to write at this website, and it’s why we, the people, need to make our voices heard no matter how much it may seem like no one is listening. There are ripples everywhere right now and it will soon become a wave. We are years behind the rest of the world and we have to catch up.