According to AIN Online, in an effort to continue the life of airplane parts and materials after the planes have been retired, the Airbus company has made a commitment to ensuring that 85% of airplane parts are reused in some way.

Previously, a maximum of 65% was reused and the rest “destroyed” but  the French research project PAMELA (process for advanced management of end-of-life aircraft) has realized that 20% more can actually be recycled.


“is now looking for ways to encourage the establishment of dismantling companies around the world…Of course, the more metal that can be extracted from the carcass for recycling, the more profitable will be the dismantling process, and advanced sorting of the metals at the source makes them more valuable than mixed metals.”


They explain in detail the process of first decommissioning the plane, removing the engine and turbines and such, followed by the final dismantling phase.

“Aware that some 1,200 Airbuses will be retired in the next 20 years, Airbus management has made planet-friendly aircraft dismantling part of the consortium’s general environmental policy.”

PAMELA also requests that the Airbus designers take into consideration this process in the first place to avoid later recycling efforts.