Evolution Biodiesel Kits makes it possible for farmers and other small business owners stretch their fuel dollar by offering them customizable sized Biodiesel Kits.

What the article fails to point out is how the customers who buy and use the kits get the used cooking oil. I guess Bean’s Biofuel of Maine would be the kind of company that would facilitate that but I can’t tell from the article or the Evolution website whether or not they supply you with the cooking oil.

From the Evolution Website:

“With our processors you have the ability to make your own biodiesel fuel and save money on fossil fuel costs. We are here to help all and those concerned persons, farmers, small business owners, and anyone else interested in holding on to their hard earned money by making sound environmental decisions.”

Either way, they have created a sustainable way for diesel users to lower costs, gain profits, and save the environment: which is what we are all about here at GCM and Green Collar Economy. Plus, they’ve made a bit of ching themselves>

They have:

tripled their sales in two years. They have sold to customers in Europe, Canada, every state in the U.S. and some places in the Caribbean.

They are also expanding their manufacturing facility to keep up with demand, which now has a six week lead time. The new facility will be LEED Certified, of course, and Evolution will continue being a model for the surging sustainable businesses turning waste into energy and leading the way into the Green Collar Economy.