To the max meaning 100% fossil fuel free. To the max meaning 100% renewable energy. To the max meaning fully energy independant. The $30 million dollar Co-Generation power plant will help the 115 year old paper manufacturer set a standard in paper production and continue to hold it place in the top realm of paper manufacturers and suppliers.

They are doing it to get ahead of the “volital energy” market and “carbon caps” that are expected to come in the near future.

“The $30 million investment and drive to achieve full carbon neutrality at SMART Papers comes as the State of Ohio and the U.S. government develop new laws and regulations on carbon emissions. The Ohio Senate and House recently passed legislation, which requires that up to 12.5 percent of the state’s electricity consumption come from renewable sources by 2025. Under the law, half of that must be generated within Ohio. “

“SMART Papers officials said they are well positioned to play an important role in helping the State of Ohio meet its goal because the company will sell a significant amount of power on the electrical grid. By the end of 2010, all of the power supplied to the regional grid will be carbon neutral—providing a source of 100% “green” energy for businesses and homes throughout Ohio and the Midwest U.S.”

This manufacturer is actually positioning itself to sell its energy into the grid.