Big Truck

And they’re probably going to do it considering Bean’s Commercial Grease Inc. is the only company in the state collecting used cooking oil to convert into biofuels which can run tractors and large trucks and snow resort equipment. I found a list of 13 Biofuel Companies in the Green Collar Economy B2B Directory.

Businesses that NEED to run large diesel burning trucks to do what they do are switching to biodiesel and Bean offers a lower cost alternative according to the Kennebec Journal:

Last week, Bean was charging $4.16 a gallon for diesel at the pump compared to $4.39 at area gas stations. He also manufactures and delivers a “bioheat” product that blends #2 home heating oil with biofuel and saves people 18 to 22 cents per gallon.

University of Maine at Farmington, “Maine Composter of the Year (37 tons)” contributes its grease and so does Sugerloaf Ski Resort.

Bean is alone in manufacturing green fuel that keeps Maine industry running and as gas prices go up, the more likely he’ll have more company in the near future.

And if not, he could recieve more funding to expand his business. Currently, he can produce 935,000 gallons of biofuel from one million gallons of waste and the state creates 1.8 million gallons in all.