Natural Care  

          Simmons announced the relaease of a line of mattresses that will be sold under the SIMPLY GREEN label at JC Penny stores, with the support of green guru Danny Seo. Dan is the man when it comes to green lifestyle choices and Simmons says the mattresses, which are made with organic and renewable materials make green choices available under a brand people trust. Which I agree with and is true.


          The best part about the press release, though is that the new components are actually better for you as far as keeping allergens away and it also provides a better nights sleep. Take heed green manufacturers. Some green changes could actually increase the quality of your products.


“Natural Care® mattresses feature natural latex made from biodegradable materials like rubber tree sap, which is harvested and refined to create one of the most soothing and responsive sleeping surfaces in the world. The highly resilient and durable nature of latex means that a mattress will retain its shape and performance for many years to come. Natural Care® latex is also inherently resistant to dust mites, mold and mildew. Furthermore, beneath the Natural Care® mattress latex layer is a layer of base foam enhanced with soy. The use of soy reduces the amount of petroleum needed to manufacture the foam and results in a smaller carbon footprint. “



Ahhh, okay I’m gonna go take a nap.